Our Services

We believe that nurseries should be free to focus on their core childcare duties. When it comes to food, why not let the Nursery Kitchen worry about that.

Organising shopping lists and suppliers, preparing food, keeping up-to-date with current food regulations and dealing with staff are all time consuming tasks which impact on your profitability. The Nursery Kitchen takes the stress away by preparing your meals for you and delivering the food ready to be reheated and served.  The lovely smells of the food being reheated ensures the children's gastric juices are flowing so they all enjoy their lunches, desserts and teas and they then eat them all up with great gusto!  A well fed child is always a happy child!

It’s a simple three step process

  1. Initial Consultation - The Nursery Kitchen will identify your needs including any special dietary needs, delivery requirements etc.
  2. Make Recommendations - We then provide the menus to fit with your children’s needs, comprehensive reheating instructions, advice on relevant paperwork and recommendations on any new equipment to be purchased.
  3. Delivery of Your Food - We arrange for the best way for your food to be delivered to your nursery. Either by our own driver or by courier.

All our meals are blast frozen to lock in the goodness and nutrition.  We deliver to your nursery on a weekly basis and we place the food into your freezer in day order. It's amazing the food we can fit into a small freezer, so not much space is needed at all. And, just think, no more shopping, no need to employ a cook.  All our food needs is reheating - it's all so easy!

Some of our lunches are one pot meals - if you would like these in a separate format please let us know.  For example, the Beef Stew could be delivered to you in 2 containers - Beef Stew in one container and Potatoes in another.  Likewise, the vegetables can be served separately. we have found that over the years children do like their vegetables in gravy as they get used to the different flavours and don't worry what vegetables they are eating.

We will serve the food to your door in whatever format you would like, give us a try, you won't be disappointed.

All Natural Ingredients

Here at The Nursery Kitchen we use the finest ingredients and don't like using any "nasties".

Our butcher makes our sausages just for us.  We do use some Quorn products but try to keep it to a minimum.  We are virtually free of all “baddies” in food. As for the likes of Dolmio are saying you should only eat their jars of sauce once a week, you can eat our food as often as you like!

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