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Portion Sizes
13 Feb

Portion Sizes

Did you know that in the 1950’s an average adult’s meal contained 787 calories and that in the 2010s an average adult’s meal contains 2212 calories?   This means that in the last 70 years our calorie intake has more than trebled!  This is frightening.

When I started feeding children in the 1990’s the average size of a toddler lunch weighed 135 g and contained 160 calories and dessert weighed 30 g and contained 85 calories – 245 calories in total

We have twice increased the portion size and today the average size of a 190g with 225 calories and dessert is 50 g containing 142 calories – 367 calories in total.

If a typical 3-year-old should be consuming 1,000 calories per day, and if breakfast is a cereal with whole milk and a teaspoon of sugar at 150 calories, lunch and dessert is 370 calories and dinner with dessert is 300 calories, snacks should not exceed 180 calories!

If children are allowed daily to consume crisps (a packet is 171 calories), 2 biscuits (2 Jammie Dodgers are 160 calories) or a bar of chocolate (5 chunks are 135 calories) they are being taken over their limit by 2 additional days of food a week - 9 days of food consumed in 7!

Obviously healthy snacks are the answer with an apple at 50 calories, satsuma containing 40 calories, a banana at 60 calories and carrots & hummus only 70 calories, or don’t eat between meals and really enjoy lunch and dinner!

For both children and adults, we’re obviously consuming more calories than is healthy for us and as long as our portion sizes are out of control, then the obesity crisis we find ourselves in is only going to get worse.