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Katy Elliott Winner of Entrepreneur of the Year Award
05 Jul

Katy Elliott Winner of Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Katy Elliott, winner of the Quilter Cheviot Entrepreneur of the Year Award began a small scale catering company in 1998, finding the quality of her own children’s nursery food far from the standard she hoped for she started supplying children’s day nurseries in 2000, believing that children should be well nourished with good food.

To date Katy has 12 staff with a forecast production next year to supply over 650,000 meals. Katy and her team only use the best products possible – locally sourced meat and free-range eggs; cheese with no additives, local fruit and vegetables where possible.

Katy’s drive and optimism carried her through the harder times that all businesses face, and her enthusiasm for food shows through in the delicious healthy meals for her customers. Katy is an inspirational woman, with a passion to succeed, we can’t think of a more deserving person for this award.

A Dream of Katy’s  

A dream of Katy’s is for food to become additive free and she is working with Liverpool John Moores University Research Development team to help make this a reality.