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EXCITING NEWS!!!   Hot Lunch & Dessert Delivery Service
26 Jan

EXCITING NEWS!!! Hot Lunch & Dessert Delivery Service

Due to so many enquiries for a Daily Hot Food Delivery Service we are pleased to announce that from Monday 5 March 2018 we will be able to deliver Hot Food to any nursery in Wirral, Liverpool, Ellesmere Port and Chester.

Katy Elliott, the founder of The Nursery Kitchen, devises her own 4 weekly rotating menu of delicious and nutritious lunches, desserts & teatimes.  This menu changes in May and November each year and she always comes up with new and exciting meals for the babies and toddlers to enjoy.

You place your order and our friendly delivery drivers will deliver your HOT Lunch & HOT Dessert directly to your nurseries door by 11.15 am.

When you use our Hot Food Delivery service, we can also offer you a Chilled daily delivery of the following:

  • Chilled Teatime for you to reheat and serve to the children.
  • Chilled ready-to-eat teatimes, i.e. Sandwiches, Wraps, Scones, Filled Mini Pitta’s.
  • Fresh Fruit Pots – for healthy snacking.
  • Fresh Vegetable Pots with Dips – for healthy snacking.

You can order any amounts of the above as many times per week as you like.

Your order does have to be placed 2 weeks in advance (you can adjust your numbers four days before your food is due to be delivered as we realise your numbers may fluctuate at short notice).

You don't have to use our service all the time - you can use us any time you like - but I'm sure once you've used us you'll be using us all the time.

Please be aware that Hot Food is subject to VAT.  Chilled food is exempt from VAT - therefore your teatimes, fruit and veg pots are VAT free.

This service is available all year round except between Christmas & New Year.  If you are open between Christmas & New Year then we would supply you with frozen food for you to re-heat.

If you require further information please phone us 0151 345 0155.