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FAQ'S about our Frozen Food Nationwide Delivery Service
14 Nov

FAQ'S about our Frozen Food Nationwide Delivery Service

Hopefully these will answer any questions you have...

How does the food arrive?

The food arrives frozen in boxes.  Inside the box is a specially designed chiller bag and frozen ice sheets.  These are guaranteed to keep the food frozen for 48 hours.  It is collected from our freezer at 4.30 pm and is guaranteed next day delivery. 

Is there a delivery charge?

There is a delivery charge – the price depends on how we deliver your food, etc.

Delivery Notes

With every delivery you receive a delivery note which clearly states all we have packed.  It also states the batch number for each meal delivered.  We then know where all our meals have been delivered to.  This is important for our traceability in the unlikely event that we had to recall an item.  It's never happened but it's better to be safe than sorry.

What does the food come in?

All our food is frozen in aluminium containers – these are recyclable.  We have different sized containers – feeding from 1 child up to 25 children.  All our food is clearly labelled with the number of children it will feed.  These numbers are approximate as some children to eat more but it works out correctly on the whole.  Some of our meals are single container meals, i.e. Hungarian Goulash, Cottage Pie, Sausage Casserole.  Other meals consist of two containers i.e. Fruity Chicken Curry on one container and Rice in another, Braised Beef & Vegetables in Gravy in one container and the Roast Potatoes in another.

How do we place our order?

We will email you an order form which you complete and return to us.  We then ensure we have all the food in stock.  If we don’t our chef’s will cook it for you ready for your delivery.

How do we pay for our order?

Once we receive your order we will confirm the price  – you will be able to do this as we send you a price list.  You then make a payment directly into our bank account.  Our details are shown on your invoice.

How quickly can we have our order?

Orders placed by 1 pm can be delivered the following day.

How do we reheat the food?

All our food is clearly labelled with reheating instructions.  We also supply you with reheating instructions which can be displayed in your kitchen..  All our food is fully cooked and all you are doing is reheating.  Our food does prefer to be defrosted first but can be cooked from frozen – it takes a little longer to reheat.  

Defrosting the food

For best results please defrost the larger containers under refrigeration before reheating.  The smaller containers can be defrosted or cooked from frozen.  On a Friday take the meal out of the freezer and put it in the fridge and it’s defrosted on Monday morning ready to go in the oven.

Special Dietary Requirements

We cater for all dietary requirements – we’ve never been beaten.  If you have a child which needs a very special diet – you tell us what the child can have, we’ll come up with suggestions and our chef’s will cook it.


All the meals are clearly marked with any allergens they contain.  We do cater for many types of allergens and can provide alternatives. 


All the meals are clearly marked with the list of ingredients so you know exactly what has gone into each meal.

Halal Meat

We can provide any meal using Halal meat.  We can also provide you with the Halal Certificates.  Different religions have different requirements and where possible we cook to your settings individual requirements.

Do we have to follow the menu?

No, you can order anything you like – if it’s not on the menu – ask us and if it’s possible, we’ll cook it for you.  Of course, it is easier if you order the food that’s on the menu.  You can chop and chose between the Traditional Menu and the Children's Choice Menu.

Do we have to use you on a permanent basis?

No, you place your order whenever you like and we delivery – it’s as easy as that!  Of course, we would like you to use us on a permanent basis.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any further questions please email or telephone 0151 345 0155 and she’ll personally answer them for you.