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22 Jan


Since starting this company almost 20 years ago, I’ve noticed a big change in children’s diets and what they are eating today.

Parent’s busy lives mean they don’t have the time to cook or encourage their children to eat and try different foods.  We sometimes meet nursery staff who have never eaten couscous, quinoa, tagine or ratatouille and their own unfamiliarity with certain food types can sometimes impact negatively on the children too, and they are often not encouraged to “give it a try, it’s lovely!”

So, we sat down and had a think, and devised a menu called “Children’s Choice”.  This menu offers a healthier alternative to some of the meals the children are used to, i.e. our own Nursery Kitchen Sesame Chicken Dippers as opposed to the heavily manufactured chicken nuggets, hand-made Salmon Fish Fingers rather than mass-produced fish fingers full of bulking agents and Muffin Pizza instead of salt and sugar heavy commercial pizzas.

As usual we have hidden vegetables and beans in some of the meals so the children can’t see them but they will be eating them so you know they are getting the essential nutrients they need, but working with meal types they know and understand.  And this new Children’s Choice menu is also run in conjunction with a full Vegetarian Option and, where possible, a Vegan Option too, and of course covers all allergies and parental preferences too. 

Our Traditional Menu remains unchanged.  We just felt that we needed to provide further options for Nurseries and we are confident this Children’s Choice menu will do just that.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to see a list of ingredients.