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Benefits of working with The Nursery Kitchen
14 Feb

Benefits of working with The Nursery Kitchen

Why choose The Nursery Kitchen?

Our hand-made food is made with NO added salt, sugar or bad E-numbers and all cooked with natural flavourings.

Your parents are assured our food is nutritiously balanced for healthy development which supports their children’s learning and behaviour.

Our meat, fish, fruit and vegetables are delivered fresh and daily and come straight from local supplier suppliers.  We only use local free-range eggs.

Allergens are clearly listed on the food containers and all dietary requirement are catered for so you don’t have to worry about fussy eaters.

Monthly audits are carried from our external food safety consultant which ensures full compliance in food safety and if for peace of mind.

It’s easier to budget food costs.

We have a four weekly rotating menu which means more choice and variety and allows the children to taste new and exciting foods.  We also change our menus in May and November.

We can day dot your meals so you can easily identify meals for each day of the week and food containers can be marked for all the different rooms in your setting.

You only require one freezer for storage and one person to re-heat, serve, clean and wash up!

We can provide ad-hoc orders when needed, i.e. when your cook on holiday or sick and we deliver all over the UK by next day courier for just in time ordering and as our food is frozen there's no VAT to pay!