Heating Guidelines & Useful Information

Below are some heating guidelines and other bits of information you may find useful... 

1)   Remove the lid before placing in the oven - For potato topped meals, pasta dishes, roast potatoes, roasted parsnips.

2)   Loosen the lid but leave the lid on - For casseroles, stews and the roast dinners and vegetables. Rice can be reheated in the oven but will not take as long to heat as the lunches.  Alternatively you can serve the rice cold and mix it into the hot sauce, i.e. chicken curry.

3)   Reheat to 82°C in boiling water - For spaghetti, plain boiled pasta, egg noodles.

4)   Reheating Lunches & Teatimes

Reheating Foil Tray Lunches and Teatimes from DEFROST.  

The oven temperature to reheat the food should be Gas Mark 6/190ºC.

Container Size Reheating Time Container Size Reheating Time
25/20/18 portion 1½ - 2 hours 4/3 portion 50 - 60 mins
16/12/10 portion 1¼- 1½ hours 2 portion 40 - 50 mins
8/6 portion 1 - 1¼ hours 1 portion 35 mins







Reheating Tray Lunches & Teatimes from FROZEN.  

The oven temperature to reheat the food should be Gas Mark 5/175ºC.

Container Size Reheating Time Container Size Reheating Time
25/20/18 portion 2½ - 3 hours 4/3 portion 60 - 70 mins
16/12/10 portion 2 - 2½ hours 2 portion 50 - 60 mins
8/6 portion 1¼ - 1½ hours 1 portion 45 mins








To reheat fishcakes, burgers, etc., please reheat to 82°C and probe for 6 seconds.  These take approximately 20 minutes to reheat.  


To reheat your sponge and milk puddings please loosen the lid and place in the oven for 10 to 25 minutes (the 2 portion dessert takes the least time to reheat and the 18 portion takes approximately 25 minutes.  These can be served cold as they are all fully cooked.


The times and oven temperatures are for the guidance only and may vary according to your oven.

Place all containers on oven trays when they are placed in the oven as the containers may bend when being removed from the oven.


For best result please defrost the larger containers in the fridge before reheating.  The smaller containers are happy to be reheated from frozen.  The larger containers can be reheated from frozen but the stews, curries, etc., will need stirring.


For best results please defrost the larger containers before reheating.
Meat, fish and quorn based meals must be reheated to 82°C and probed for 6 seconds. You will require a food temperature probe and you must keep a record of all temperatures.  Once reheated the guidance is that food must not be held at a temperature between 14°C - 52°C for longer than 1 hour after reheating.

Please check the temperature of your fridges and freezers first thing in the morning. This gives you a true reading of the temperatures. Fridges should be no higher than 5°C and freezers at least -18°C. The holding temperature for frozen foods is between -18°C & - 24°C.

The delivery temperature of your food should be -12°C or below.